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Now published in eBook format (EPUB2), generously illustrated using public domain full color artwork!   File size is 108 mb of amazing images.  Clink the link below to download the book from Google Drive, have a look, and then click the donate button which will take you to a secure Paypal page.

Poet’s Tarot

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Book Description

Learn to read the cards on your own, without help, or just find out more about where they came from, and why they have such a strange reputation.  

A refreshing, richly illustrated approach to the Tarot, one that paints the historical setting surrounding the creation of the cards, its tradition of fortune telling, or cartomancy, and further into pure myth, to the timeless legends of the alphabet and its keepers, the ancient poets and bards.  Dedicated to resolving paradox, not only are acknowledgements given to the traditional lore of magic, but also to science, humanism, meditation, and art history.  Interpretations for every card are provided, along with a unique method of reading through storytelling that is easily scaled to independence.  It promises a shorter path to reading intuitively, free of the aid of any book, and to help activate clear creativity and awaken imagination.  It includes mnemonic poems to help remember the nature of the suited cards, a novelty so few can appreciate, you are almost guaranteed never to see any again, in any publication. Supporting this welcoming approach are the stories and social conditions behind the earliest images and names of the cards. Reading this work creates a glimpse of favorite stories that were alive and told at the time, along with how and why they were told – and explores the mysterious question of purposes behind the game.  The author’s foremost view of the deck is that it was a work of art created to transmit certain social viewpoints relevant to their times,  full of hidden references and innuendo: a critique of abuse of power, the physical nature of truth, and the significance of cultural storytelling to  understanding ourselves and the cosmos.  It also contains a significant collection of stories relating to Renaissance themes in art, specially one known as The Power of Women.  A journey through time, it takes these influences and places them in a crucible with a bizarre mixture of humor, the dream language of Surrealism, and reflections on time and creativity. You cannot read this without having gained a new insight into the history of the Tarot, or at the minimum, decide that this author took 600 pages to trivialize your favorite topic.  It’s hard not to develop a sense that in some respects, people are still working now for many of the same social goals they longed for in those days.  Some, it’s true, are mostly working backwards.  But even working alone in our laboratory, studio or wizard’s tower, we stand on the shoulders of giants, even as it turns out giants are incredibly difficult to see in the wild.


The Humanist Tarot has been renamed the Poet’s Tarot.  The website is being updated to match extensive revisions done in December, 2017, and the content of the book will be back up soon.

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